2020-02-18 A huge Well done to Arsalan Marghoub for passing his PhD viva with minor corrections.

2019-06-06 Very Well done to Connor Cross and Katherine Wang to win the best 1st and 2ed year PhD student presentations at the UCL Mechanical Engineering Summer Session 2019.

2019-03-28 We are delighted to have been awarded a Human Frontier Science Program Research Grant. This project will investigate the mechanisms underlying the development, patterning and evolution of calcified tissues that form within the skin of some animals, i.e. osteoderms. This is a joint collaboration with Dr Bertazzo, Prof Evans at the University College London (UK), Dr Abzhanov at Imperial College London (UK), Dr Herrel at Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France) and Dr Vickaryous at the University of Guelph (Canada).

2019-02-01 We are so proud of Arsalan for a really nice paper on modelling bone formation at the cranial sutures that was published today in the Physical Review Letters.

2018-12-07 A huge well-done to Katherine for presenting her work at the 5th Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery in Thessaloniki, Greece and for her first paper being accepted for publication in the Clinical Biomechanics.

2018-11-13 We had a great evening, welcoming Connor and Rosa to the team, starting their PhDs and Leila and Sthatis as our clinical visiting researchers from Paris and Thessaloniki.

2018-07-27 We organized and run the first one-day mini-symposium on “Advances in Craniosynostosis – Basic Sciences to Clinical Practice” at UCL Mechanical Engineering. A great meeting that brought about 80 attendees/experts together from across the world.

2018-07-10 Arsalan Marghoub became the runner up of the European Society of Biomechanics student award at the World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin.

2018-03-01 We are delighted for Arsalan Marghoub who his first paper on predicting skull growth was published and featured on the front cover of the Journal of Anatomy.

2018-01-19 Many congratulations to Dr Joseph Libby, first PhD student of Moazen Lab, who passed his viva. Joe had started working for Smith & Nephew from Sep/Oct 2017.

2017-09-01 A warm welcome to Katherine Wang who joined us to do his PhD on Periprosthetic femoral fracture fixations.

2015-09-01 Arsalan Marghoub started his PhD at Moazen Lab at UCL Mechanical Eng.

2015-07-01 Moazen Lab moved from the University of Hull to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University College London (UCL).