Unravelling the mechanobiology of the craniofacial system – towards a novel therapy (CranioMech – EPSRC Open fellowship)

Mechanics of craniofacial development (EPSRC)

Revolutionising lymphoedema treatment – A disruptive technology to improve quality of life (ESRC – UKRI Zinc Healthy Aging Catalyst Award – Dr Wang)

The mechanics of cephalopod remarkable feeding system: how to bite without a joint (Human Frontier Science Program – fellowship – Dr Souquet)

Unravelling an unusual biomineralization from nano to macro scale using advanced technologies (Human Frontier Science Program – research grant)

Optimizing skull reconstruction of children requiring posterior cranial vault expansion (Rosetrees Trust)

Recently completed

Optimizing skull reconstruction of children with sagittal synostosis (Rosetrees Trust)

Biomechanics of bone fracture fixation (EPSRC – DePuy Synthes)

Calvarial bone loading as a treatment for craniosynostosis (Newlife)

Improving the management of hemifacial microsomia through the use of 3D “Black Bone” MRI, computational analysis and non-ferrous distraction devices (Newlife)

Development of an affordable hand prosthesis (RAEng)

UNIFY Plus: Macro, the body and injury level system – improving clinical treatments (EPSRC-NIHR)

Predicting skull growth in craniosynostosis for improved surgical treatment (RAEng-University College London)

UNIFY: External stimulation for the promotion of bone healing in non-union (EPSRC-NIHR)

Application of MotionLoc screw in periprosthetic femoral fracture fixation (Zimmer)

Optimised periprosthetic femoral fracture (PFF) management (BOA-University of Leeds)

Investigating the biomechanics of a lizard skull using advanced computer modelling techniques (BBSRC-University of Hull)