Here we are making some of the resources generated through our work open access available to the wider community. We would be grateful if you can kindly acknowledge the paper associated with these data, should you use these for your work. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you needed more info. 

3. Automatic hard tissue segmentation (BounTI)

Avizo/Amira add on, Python library, Windows executable and user manual for BounTI. A novel tool for automatic hard tissue segmentation. Please see Didziokas et al., (in press) for detailed description of the approach and its latest version on GitHub.

2. Automatic craniofacial volume segmentation (Icex) 

R code and example data for Icex. A novel tool for automatic segmentation of craniofacial cavities. Please see Buzi et al., (2023) for detailed analysis of the code and its latest version on Zenodo.

1. Mean human skulls – 0-4 years 

Surface files associated with mean skulls identified through a geometric morphometric analysis of 217 individuals (0-4 years). Please see Liang et al., (2023) for detail analysis of this dataset.